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Sooni Taraporevala turned to direction with the movie Litle Zizou. She is well known to us as screenplay writer, Oscar nominated Salam Bombay came from her pen only. Well known director Mira Nair is best friend to Sooni. Soooni wrote scripts for Mira Nair films.
Salaam Bombay, Mississippe Masala
and The Name Sake came from this Sooni- Mira combination only. Like Mira Nair, she also did her first movie without any big stars. It was a comedy movie about a small boy who loves France foot ball player Zinedine Zidaan very much.
John Abraham gave a cameo appearance in this movie. Little Zizou did average at Box Office, but Sooni received praises from all the viewers.


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Mira Nair went to Oscars with her first film Salam Bombay. Mira’s every film is a sensation. Her concepts mostly revolve around facts and problems. She mostly works with her best friend Sooni Taraporevala‘s scripts. She has been working mostly for international projects but has never forgot Bollywood. Monsoon Wedding (2001) is her second movie in India after Salam Bombay (1988).

mm1991fce0Mira was born in Rourkela, Orissa. She did her schooling in Shimla and went to Delhi unversity for higher education. There she joined theatre arts. With the scholarship from Harvard unversity she went to U.S.A. There only she met Sooni and a photo grapher Metch Epstein. Later she married Metch. There she started working for documentaries.

Her documentary India Cabret won award in the American Film festival. Then she returned back to India and worked for Salam Bombay. This movie went to many international film festivals and got official entry for the Oscars. At the Cannes film festival she won the Golden Camera award. Recently she directed The Namesake.
Mississippi  Masala is her another good movie which deals about Indian-Americans and African-Americans.  Her movie Kamasutra : A Tale Of Love became controversial for the name and was not released in India.



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